Frank's Enemy (REYmastered)

by Frank's Enemy

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The 1994 debut is effectively reborn, as Julio REYmasters the original CD tracks. Epic arrangements, over-the-top stylistic juxtapositions, out-of-control blastbeats and slapping bass and 78 RPM guitar solos coupled with passionately pathologically reactionary lyrics. Now matched with a newfound sonic clarity and power that finally does the music justice.


released July 24, 2015

Julio Rey: guitar & vocals
Marc Golob: bass & vocals
Alex A: bass & vocals

Produced by Frank’s Enemy and Dave Clo
Recorded at Capstone Music, Miami, 1994

REYmastered 2015


all rights reserved



Frank's Enemy Miami, Florida

Frank's Enemy employs grindcore, hardcore, death metal and the kitchen sink coupled with incisive lyrics against its chosen targets of hopelessness, injustice and damnation. Since 1992.

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Track Name: Link Line
Minds captured and controlled by the sin disease
Getting together to build the mad phone machine
Pre-recorded lies speaking in the voice of a god
Victims think they’re thinking for themselves helplessly nod
Pre packaged with hip-hop graphics and the pamphlet looks cool
If you seek out another opinion you are condemned a fool
Like the death camp Jews who worked to finance their own deaths
Money coming out of our pockets to misfeed heads

Link Line (Disconnect the) Link Line

Let alone not preaching abstinence but encouraging sex
Let alone not saying it’s a choice but you’re stuck with homo-sex
Employing theories and opinions that fit the agenda the best
Selling it as truth with nothing getting through to oppose this
Purporting to be of help and of service to the community
Achieving nothing but to spread a kind of immunity
To anything righteous and that costs and is the difficult way
In the name of their philosophy and the god of “anything you say”

I’ll hang on to my Bible cause its burning’s on the way
Teach my children well that we’re at war today
Chip away at my block at the corner that the Lord gives
Make the most of my life and the time I’ve got here to live
So you can take your Link Line and make all your little chains
This is one player praying against all your games
You versus God and it’s a battle for every mind
Pit eternity against the rest of your life
Track Name: Things Don't Work Out
this silver platter world
handing out its song and dance
says subjective obsolescence
is the right of all humans
condemned human race dancing
to their hormonal tunes
which change according to food intake
and tides changed by the moon
try it you may not like it trade it in come tomorrow
for the main objective in this life
is to be devoid of sorrow
buy it if you can or steal it if you must
and look into the mirror
if you need someone you can trust

and we can say things didn’t work out
til we say things don’t work out

you can say things don’t work out
i say it’s people who don’t
guided by fear of all commitment
we can run but we’re still owned
by all our petty fears and desires we’ll never satisfy
on our sick beds with question marks
in our heads as we die
god has shown us what is right
and what there is to care for
but we’re in a hall of mirrors darkly
uncaring to find the door
words like sin redemption and trust
hit our ears irrelevantly
condemning ourselves to no hiding place
in the time of missed glory

to God we’ll say things didn’t work out
and God will say shut up and get out
Track Name: Destroy
i don’t believe in you anymore or the things you sell
don’t accept as fact everything
your loudspeakers tell
canine snarls lurk behind your every fluoride smile
your well-placed bright fashions
become a necropolis after awhile
the God I love and His Truth
branded archaic biased against and ignored
in the new state of mind religion
of do it yourself instant lords
i have bowed to your little global sphere
my own mind you have touched
trying to make your required sacrifices
as my sanity was crushed

i look up and see your pharisees
sitting there judging
your eyes accusing with your words grudging
skepticism your God
you reduce me to my appearance
in your statistical world my voice has no clearance
we’re the new heretics
you burn our books at the stake
i pray to God to take you out
of my mind all that i hate
your warped moralities
changeable to kill posing as a toy
good and innocence in your sights
you’re ready to destroy

so many lies from my lips
as i kowtowed to yor party line
trying to embrace the colors
that could never be mine
you disguise things so well
token causes as mock fresh breath
seems so right but the ends thereof
are the ways of death
to blow your tumors out of my brain
is to be truly alive
you blinded me and removed the freedom
Jesus won me when He died
you wanted to keep me laughing
in your shackles til the day of my death
leaving my God to work without me
me missing out on what He’d bless

your scientific advancements
mere discoveries of God’s creation
yet He shrinks in your psyche
while He really becomes greater
the collective brain losing oxygen
arteries cut off from their Source
poison fruit of malignant seed
planted and set on hellbound course
try to ignore eternal yearnings
and the innate need to trust
there are no ghosts where there are no men
you’ll be conquered by dust
packaging immediate contenment
and selling it as ultimate joy
happiness as virtue in your sights
you’re ready to destroy

the blind following of these empty alleyways
is the only blame to place
for there’s nothing truly human
about your human reich
even now you make these words
fall on indifferent ears
but I fight you every day
long as God keeps me here

may God use me to my fullest
protect me against your lies
give me love to show to your suicide row
that they may survive
i destroy you world in my mind
cut your babylon spider web
the smoke from your ashes
won’t have my tears in it
Track Name: Acts of Love
I don’t know the circumstances
All I’ve heard is what I read
And a couple of people where I worked
Are dead of the disease
Your emptiness your void no different
Than the one once inside me
Someone got in front of your eyes
And became so tempting
Who was the human landmine
That you shared passions with?
What was going on in his mind
The moments that you kissed?
Awareness of death’s specter
Or ignorance untold?
Or fear of what was in your blood Not knowing what was in his own

So tempting to say
I’m glad I’m not you
Get away from me
You’re not like me
So tempting to say
It’s your own fault
You asked for it all
Hear judgment’s call
Til God pulls me from my sin
And shows me all the hate I’m in
Nothing left to do but give
And pray that you can still live

My flesh so used to searching
Sometimes forgets it’s found
All the reason it needs to live
Beyond touch and sight ang sound
So tempting have been the situations
It has been through
No guarantee that in the future
I won’t have to face what’s facing you
If Jesus is my master
His Spirit the Source from which I live
I must allow Him to take over me
Allow Him to let me give
To temper exhortations
With decisive acts of love
Acts with fingers that point not at me
But straight up above

Cholera in times of love
Triumph of the pill
Sex is dead the new cry
The god of choice is ill
Children of the revolution
Slowly eaten away
Society binge and purge
Of liberation ways

Conqueror germs in the air
Running through veins
All across the face of the earth
A growing red stain
Souls spiraling downward falling
Solutions backfired
Accompanying drought of love
Eros getting tired
Track Name: Judas
Judas at the end of the rope
No salvation and no hope
Judas at the end of the rope
No hope

Did he wonder if it had to be
As he succumbed to his destiny
Did he wonder about what he missed
As his lips formed to kiss
Satan makes for easy stomping
Knowing how he’s behind it all
But what to say about Judas
What day really saw his fall

Did thirty pieces really turn the tide
Or was betrayal always in his mind
How was he born and raised
Was his life filled with dark days
Was the serpent his companion
Or was the deal already done
Did his father break his bones
Did he steal or was he stolen from

Judas bought the death that bought us life
Fulfilled the chronicle from before time
It had to happen but it was his choice
Though the book was written he had a voice
Logic mysterious unassailable
Til the end of time concealed
Like Pharoah’s heart hardened
So God’s glory would be revealed
Track Name: Psychic Pain
utopian visions of a dream world
quickly fade into dust
you finally seize the golden prize
and see it’s really rust
obstacles are overcome but followed by another test
finally settling in the sun still get wracked by stress
happiness brings on psychic pain
for the darkness surely follows
the sun inevitably sets for each rise on the morrow

your reality of existence you can’t escape
an absurd meaninglesness
yet you think you reason your inner world
can’t explain why with it you’re blessed
got no way to say who’s right or wrong
takes thirtysomething states to ratify constitution
hitler pursued his destiny
with approval of public opinion
cut away fron God it is the human condition

no happy endings for the rich
see them languish and die alone
the poor die their absurd deaths
drugs or aids or starvation
conformed to the choice conformed to the fall
sweet breath of Revelation taken as a tale too tall
saving bitterest tears
for when the Truth hits their eyes
will God also cry knowing they won’t be dried?
Track Name: You Are God
You wake up in the morning and you call the mirror God
With eyes deep inside that show a man in love
Self-hypnotized to your transcendency within
Idiot-proofed game you play, no matter what you lose you think you win
Your soul is your sycophant and you’ve trained it well
Drink your sacred cup of today’s lies or chemicals
From the ape you have evolved now it’s in your hands
You’re going to take that leap of faith, make that advance

You are God-so they’ve told you
Science pulled down the curtain on Oz
You are God-so they’ve told you
What you see is whart you’ve got
You are God-so they’ve told you
So if you must you’ll go out and kill
You are God-so they’ve told you
The bottom line is “do what you wilt”

Spent a century tearing down icons and setting up your might
Every instrument readout now says your presence is a blight
An empire of waste, a dominion of toilet seat
Try to allay the guilt by criminalizing consumption of meat
Possibilty of an underlying condition never crossing your mind
Everything seemingly in your grasp controllable but time
Something inside wants to be free-flying but you can’t decide what
With every crystal and pyramid that you’ve got

The gate to your heaven so wide even Hitler can get in
Because in your world there’s no such thing as sin
Blow it in this life you can pay for it in the next
The prize nirvana or who-knows-what, not that important
I have a vision of all the paths converging on celestial heights
Every human being hand in hand walking up no bickering about who’s right
Happy music fills the air harmonmious voices blend to one sound
Drowning out the cries of those who reach the end and fall to the ground
Track Name: Man, You Made A Lonely World
in the beginning there was darwin and marx
formulating theories to throw out God
artificial reality free of absolutes
the only sin left is telling the truth
pregnant child-mom smoking crack
spike lee and athletes counterattack
noble fight against the symptoms
of redemption lost
in the want for freedom from all cost

man, you made a lonely world

every human now a walking lie
in his own system of born to live and die
one eye desperate on the great beyond
with incantations to bring the magic wand
to turn the beast back into the prince
to balloon back home to Kansas
to bring back primeval memories gone
but something somewhere’s been left undone
Track Name: Reasons To Say No
Something new on the TV
Something new to get to me
Three more sitting on the fence
With inadequate defense
Three more fell in mammon’s spell
Making money out of hell
Now glory goes to ABC
For reporting the truth to you and me
Now glory goes to doomed souls
As they just say “I told you so”
A few less tears for a burned down church
Less sympathy for a suppressed Word
Three more like those before defrocked
The saints become a laughingstock
Three more reasons to say no
To Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

Reasons to say no

Just look at all this on the TV
Suits by Cardin and Armani
Look real good with diamond rings
And velvet carpeted settings
For the rich I have no dis
If they know what to do with it
Actionless emotions are a lie
Quick way to regret when you die
TV cameras can never catch
What’s behind a door safely latched
If at some point they ever do
Edit it to do what you want it to
An easily manipulated medium
To see it is to believe it
Medium and message in control
Pay your money buy your soul

If the cameras could only catch
The silent struggles of believers attacked
They’re the ones we could look up to
They’re the ones who do what we should do
Look up to Jesus first no one else
Placing others before themselves
Feeding those out without a home
Keep believing when tomorrow’s unknown
Unafraid to share the Word
In the everyday neighborhood world
Sometimes at night they’ll cry from sin
Pray from the hole they’ve fallen in
Soon enough you’ll see their cheer
As the Lord did not turn a deaf ear
There’s some reason to say yes
To salvation through Jesus

Reasons to say yes

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